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AKA I should not be allowed to have photoshop

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DRAMAtical Murder minimalist style.


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I can recommend doing this with your friends/family. I’ve never laughed as much as I did over some of their comments!

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Today is a really confusing day with all the selfs and stuff

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If you happen to remember this Sei fangame from a few months ago, there’s now an update for it, and it includes a short scene plus 3 event CGs (not the above) that had been cut out of the original game due to time constraints. Also, a writer friend took a machete to the script, so it should be a much smoother read now. A readback function has been added to the quick menu, but rollback should still be accessible through mouse scrolling.

Download links in the main post have been updated with the new version:
-Update only (6.5MB)
-Opium Eater main post

If you want to skip straight to the new scene, pick the second choices. The scene starts after “Anything for you, Sei (-san)”. If you just want the new CGs, pick the second choice and go from there. A new full completion CG should automatically be in the gallery for anyone who’s already completed the game before. The update shouldn’t affect existing save files, so sorry if any problems pop up.

Thanks E. for whipping the script into shape!

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